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Difference Between Peer-Review Journals and Academic Journals


The world is facing many issues right now, some of them are manmade and some natural. Most importantly terrorism has affected the world's politics and economy in certain regions. The turmoil, unfortunately, led to the collapse of many governments in the Middle East most notably Iraq. The second biggest threat is climate change which humanity is facing today. These are some major issues but the solution does not start right away rather experts propose some possible solutions in the form of research papers.


All academic papers are written to solve various issues. For a dissertation you have to prepare a proposal if it gets approved then you can start working on it. For example, if you want to write on climate change then you will observe the topic from different angles or perspectives. It would help you to narrow down your research on a particular point. In your paper, you will explore or discuss that point also known as a thesis statement. One option that you can avail of is the hiring of an academic essay writer service that often provides such services to students and plays an important role in acquiring good grades.




Some students do not like to go through all the hassle and hire an essay writing service. It saves their time and they can spend time in other useful activities. I believe such services do not have extensive requirements, you just need to tell them your topic and hurrah. They will give you a well-written essay within your deadline, but you have to think about your research topic by yourself. Writing a research paper is just a first step on the ladder as later it leads towards a journal article.


A Journal article is considered a precisely written document that contains a thorough knowledge and analysis on a designated topic. In the same way, the completion of a journal or academic article is incomplete without a peer-review journal. It means the former cannot be completed without the latter and both go side by side. This is where most students get confused and if you are facing the same dilemma then trust me you are not alone.


I know when for the first time I came to know the difference and instead of writing my paper I asked a professional writer to write my essay and I was able to secure good grades. It means if it suits you then you should definitely look for out-of-the-box solutions. It could be one way to secure good grades without facing any hassle. You should know that academic writing is a lot different from usual writing and this is where most students get confused. The best way to repeal any ambiguity is to know the difference between journal articles and peer-reviewed articles.


What is an academic journal?

The terms academic or scholarly journals are interchangeable and both have the same meanings. In simple terms, it is an academic document in the form of an article that is published periodically by a reputed journal. The periodic limit includes six months meaning every journal is published after six months containing multiple research articles. You can write a journal article on any topic you like. However, mostly it depends on an academic discipline. For example, a student of Environmental Sciences would prefer to choose a topic on climate change and what factors are responsible for this phenomenon. It means the selection of a topic is the sole responsibility of a student.


If you ever get confused about the topic then you can take help from an academic essay writer. You can ask for help in two ways, first, ask him to write you an entire journal article and second, you can also take guidance in the form of a sample paper. One point is certain that such writers really help their clients around the world with the provision of an excellently written essay. If you also have the intention to get help then do not hesitate before it is too late. You should also know that a journal article is different from a peer-reviewed journal.


What is a peer-review journal?

A peer-reviewed journal is the first step for an article and after a brief review, such an article is published in a reputed journal which is then known as a scholarly or an academic article. In simple terms, peer-review means evaluation of an article by one or more than one scholar, an expert in a specific field. A team that reviews an article usually belongs to the relevant fields with the purpose to add credibility, improve performance, and maintain quality standards in an article. All these attributes determine the validity and suitability of an article for publication. However, an article written by medical students would be reviewed by the medical community expert in the designated field. This activity is also known as scholarly peer review or referring where an academic publisher decides whether a certain article is worth publishing or not.


This is why a peer-review article may face many revisions until and unless it is approved by academics of the relevant field. People in the reviewing committee are highly educated who conduct an impartial review in multiple interdisciplinary fields so that only an excellently written journal article can get approval for publication. It is the major difference between journal articles and peer-reviewed articles. However, due to its complexity, the process of peer-reviewing is highly controversial and academics often call for certain reforms. The biggest suggestion in this regard is open peer review where a reader can develop a comprehensive understanding because comments remain visible to readers. These are some key differences that you should know to write an eloquent journal article. 



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